Cat and Ethan’s amazing adventure begins!

Hello world! We’re Cat & Ethan.


We’re Sheffield Hallam University students from Doncaster who have a shared love for fashion and lifestyle. We’re about to set off on a journey of a lifetime tomorrow, hopefully the first of many!

We decided to keep a blog to share our wonderful (hopefully!) experiences of our summer.

We have both travelled to Poland, Florida, Paris, Las Vegas, Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand.


So, we actually did have a blog before called Thehungryjetsetters, but it was so embarrassingly outdated that we scraped it and decided to just start a brand new one. If we ever get the time, we’ll probably repost some of our old blog posts onto this blog! All in good time.

The adventure

This Summer we will be volunteering in Battambang, Cambodia for three whole weeks for the fab charity, Futuresense Foundation. Then, we’re heading for a few nights in Siem Reap to visit the mandatory Angkor Wat. Next we will be jetting off for four nights to Hong Kong to pig out on dim sums and barter to our life’s content at the markets there before flying to Krabi, Thailand, for a beach break. After this we will be flying to Singapore for 10 nights for some family time and exploring the city which constantly evolves. Finally we’re flying to Bangkok for more organised chaos before heading back home to good old Doncaster. Oh wait, then we’ll be off to Israel after a month of recovering at home. 13 flights, 9 hostels & hotels… Can we manage it? Keep reading to see how we’re coping! Apart from travel, we’ll be blogging about our take on fashion & our shopping splashouts since we do that way to often.

Have you been away from home backpacking for weeks on end? We’d love some advice so drop a comment below 🙂

Cat and Ethan


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