Day 3: A chilled out day in Bangkok

After a good night’s sleep, we shot up early to wait for the rest of our team members from our university. We sat with a red bull and coffee outside our hostel to observe the hustle and bustle going on outside.


It’s pretty random but we were hooked on watching this frail looking cat. It was so hungry it was licking the floor and anywhere around it as it walked and jumped around…

P1010001 P1010002 P1010003 P1010004 P1010005 P1010006 P1010007 P1010008 P1010009

Unfortunately; there was a huge cock-up and we strongly believe it is really the lack of knowledge on Thailand’s immigration control’s part.

One of the team members is from the Cayman Islands (which by the way is part of the British empire), she has a British passport but the staff at the airport had no idea that there were British countries outside of the U.K.

So what did they do? They said she needed a visa and she had to fly into Siem Reap(our next destination) and wait for us for two whole days. Sometimes you have to laugh, mishaps are almost always bound to happen when you travel. Most of the time, it’s with airport security who seem to successfully put a downer on your trip with ease.

We met the rest of our team at the hostel and we were so exhausted, we crashed onto the massive bean bags in the theatre room of our hostel, Lub-D. Yes, they have a little theatre room! We gave a little gist of Lub-D in our previous post.



Can’t beat the strength of a Thai Red Bull

Obviously everyone needed more rest than us as we had already had a good night’s sleep. We headed out to the market area of Silom and went into a tiny café called Siam House. This place worked a treat, it had only four tables inside and two outside but thankfully, we were the only ones there apart from a couple of schoolkids having their lunch break. Imagine sitting in a café during a lunch break?

Siam House had some lovely stuff on their menu, including an American breakfast which was very tempting but we decided to try having food of what people had for breakfast in Thailand.

So we ordered a plate of Braised Pork with Rice (60 Baht) and chinese pork sausages with rice (60 Baht)

P1010010 P1010011 P1010012 P1010014 P1010015 P1010016

It may seem strange how Asian people have food that’s meant for lunch and dinner for breakfast, but actually its pretty satisfying to have it that way instead of a slice of toast.

We moved into the dorms in Lub-D and they were pretty awesome. Lub-D definitely beats down most hostels by far considering how spotless it is and how much effort they have put in to make sure that the hostel experience isn’t daunting.

P1010037 P1010038

We’ll do a whole blogpost on Lub-D and the options you have with them in a different post.

At night, we headed to out for dinner to Triple Inn where a lot of our group tried different Thai dishes. We had Khao Prah (minced beef with basil & rice) and Lao Lak.

The food was mediocre and a little bit steep (still cheap) than the other cafes in Silom.

We were all ready for cocktails so we headed to Silom Village for some drinks and entertainment. There were traditional Thai drummers and dancing.






There was also a fight using wooden sticks – to be honest it was quite cringey to watch but still amusing.

P1010028 P1010029 P1010030 P1010031 P1010032 P1010033 P1010034

Our group then decided to explore Silom a little more than our street. There was nothing amazing so we went for more drinks in a trendy bar called Culture, for good reason! For 399 Baht, we had an all-you-can-drink beer, cocktails and wine buffet. Check out the cocktails…








So yes, not much exploring done but you have to give us credit for being able to even move our feet in all the pollution, sweltering heat and jet lag…

We promise it will get better!

In our next post, we will tell you all about our experience visiting Wat Pho, home to the temple of the Reclining Buddha and our ridiculous decision of pulling an all-nighter in Khao San Road when we had a 6 hour train journey at 6am!



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