Day 31: Island Hopping in Krabi, Thailand

Island hopping was the highlight of our Krabi trip because it meant disappearing into the islands which Thailand are popular for. If you’ve been reading, Aonang (mainland), is just not one of them.

A quick Google image of Thai islands would show you a variety of images which you envisioned paradise to be, and paradise it was. The island hopping just showed us how happier we would have been if we had chosen to stay in other isolated islands of Krabi rather than Aonang – which is basically your “base” before travelling to other parts of Krabi. ANYWAY.

Paradise, that is what you will find in the islands surrounding Aonang. Despite the fact that it was raining terribly (could not get any worse for us), the blue waters and the white sands of the islands still glimmered above it all, its beauty beating the dark, impending clouds above us.

Sailing to the first island
Sailing to the first island

It took about 2 hours before the heavy rain settled, and then we were allowed onto our big white boat which took us to Chicken Island. It’s name is evident from the fact that its appearance resembled a chicken from afar.

Chicken Island in Krabi
Chicken Island in Krabi

As we got closer to the island, the water got clearer and clearer. It was turquoise in colour. This was our first time seeing crystal clear water so it was extremely breathtaking and special for us. I watched The Beach the previous night so the dramatic side of me felt even more in paradise. It was extremely beautiful and thankfully the clouds disappeared. The sand was white and fine. The water was clear and blue which stayed shallow for a good distance. After enjoying the sea, we walked to an area which is something else that made the island unique…

The partition in between the island
The partition in between the island

As you can see, due to the rain before the water is not shallow as it should have been so it doesn’t show what it should quite clearly here. There is a beautiful partition which divides the sea here which enables you to walk to a mini island away from the main island. There was another division like this on another side of the island but due to the rain, the path was not dry enough for people to walk across to the other island. Nevertheless, it would have been a great area to explore. Despite this, we were still able to see the gorgeous & colourful marine life on the shallow areas of the water here as it was nearer to the coves.


Marine life at Krabi, Thailand

We couldn’t help it. We needed to get away from everyone else and experience the island on our own. There were lots of rocks surrounding the island but all you had to do was move round them to get the back of the island…there was not a single soul on this part of the island. #Winner

The rocks on the side of island. Get past it and you will be in true paradise.
The rocks on the side of island. Get past it and you will be in true paradise.
This looks like a scene from the book, Island of the Blue Dolphins
I was in my element
I was in my element
Panoramic picture of just me, myself and I on an isolated part of Chicken Island. In Krabi, Thailand.

The feeling was truly magical & we just sat there enjoying the world in front of us. Then reality hit, it’s been an hour and it was time for us to hop back onto the big white boat for our next stop…the caves.

Approaching the cave
Approaching the cave

It was time to snorkel. While I can swim, I am not great at it and felt like a complete bimbo trying to work out the snorkelling equipment. Oops! Ethan jumped into the sea in no time and so did the dutch couple who was on board with us who looked completely invincible when the threw themselves off the top deck of the boat into the sea. I’m not going to lie, I was jealous of their carefree minds.

After jumping off the top deck of the boat
After jumping off the top deck of the boat

P1030643 P1030644

I did give it a go, of course. I knew I’d regret it and I’m so glad that I snorkelled because I would have missed out on more of the wonderful marine life which Thailand had to offer. I was gutted that I didn’t have Go Pro camera with me because the sights I saw would have been amazing to capture for everyone else to see. There were fish of all colours of the rainbow, with groups of them swimming in unison in triangle shapes. I felt like a mermaid who just did not want to leave the sea. No matter which country you are in, if you ever have the chance to do this, get over your phobia and do it, the beauty of nature will definitely heal you.

The turquoise water of Krabi's surrounding islands
The turquoise water of Krabi’s surrounding islands

Up next was Poda Island to watch the sunset…

To Poda Island!
To Poda Island!

P1030691 2

Poda Island was another small island which was mainly the beach area and a forest. It was this destination where our lovely island tour guides organised our dinner which was exceptionally good I am still salivating about it.

The food served during our island tour at Krabi, Thailand

P1030694 P1030696 2


Lucky for us, a mini-bar pops up whenever there were people on the island. I was happy to be able to enjoy a beer while cooling off the spicyness of my food and embracing the sunset. I was marvelled by the fact that sunsets still exist in this side of the world despite the rain. We still enjoyed a full sunset despite the storm earlier on.

P1030707 2
The island has its own kitty cat!
This IS paradise

P1030698 P1030700 P1030704 P1030721 P1030732 2 P1030743 P1030754 P1030773

After this amazing experience, we set off to another cave just in time when it became dark. This was for us to experience planktons! I was really excited despite my fear of dark waters. I could see through the waters where the planktons lit up like pretty christmas lights or like a reflection of the starry night sky. Our boat driver fished out some planktons for us and put them in a bucket on the boat for us to witness them in complete darkness. This makes it very difficult and impossible for pictures of lit up planktons, making it one of those experiences where you just have to experience yourself. If you love stars and pretty lights, snorkelling with the planktons needs to be on your list!

These are pictures from island hopping in Krabi, despite the fact that it was raining. You know how beautiful it looks regardless of the rain, just imagine how it’ll look when its bright & sunny. This is something I would definitely recommend to anyone who would like to experience the Thai islands. It’s NOT a rip off unlike the other tours and made me feel so much better about this trip (see previous post about unethical elephant rides). It helps fund local companies rather than your tour operators and there’s nothing better than being in a secluded island compared to an island full of people which is more or less the same back home – think Cleethorpes (eew!).

In Krabi’s mainland, Aonang, you will find many operators who sail out to specific islands for you. When I looked at the prices, these are worth and I strongly suggest for you to walk up and down the road to search for the best deal. My advice is to go on an island hopping tour then figure out your favourite island then go back out to it again. My only regret is not hiring a boat to sail out to Ko Phi Phi which is extremely popular for obvious reasons as The Beach was filmed there. From the pictures I’ve seen, it’s full of tourists due to the film but still a beautiful sight to be seen so don’t miss it just because of arrogance!

What is your favourite secluded Thai island?


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