DAY 32: Stay anywhere but Ao Nang

To be honest, Krabi has actually been such a let down. And I am not even talking about the constant raining into account because that’s our own fault for going during the monsoon season.

The place is heaving with tourists – yes I am aware that I am essentially a tourist too, but even Bangkok hasn’t allowed tourism to hinder its authenticity. The row of restaurants all serve the same food – pizzas, pastas, “Swedish” food and mediocre Thai food. The markets are all manufactured for the tourists and the amount of island tours and elephant torture shows being touted at you will make you forget this place is meant to be a slice of paradise.

We visited Krabi because we wanted to explore the surrounding islands, which were extremely beautiful. Ao Nang, which is what people normally refer to as Krabi, is the heavily manufactured place you must avoid if you are thinking of packing your bags to visit.

Don’t get me wrong, the surrounding islands are a MUST visit, they really are a form of paradise and true to the Google images. I think people flock to Ao Nang because it is busy and where civilization is, whereas the other islands don’t really have this level of businesses or nightlife. To truly experience Thai islands, I would strongly suggest looking up the surrounding islands to see if you can stay there. Koh Phi Phi and Railay, though it’s getting busier, will still offer you that slice of paradise compared to Ao Nang.

The highlights of Krabi was visiting the nearby islands. Crystal clear water, white flour textured sand, sunsets and beers, it really is good as it sounds. I also enjoyed the local bars and the live music. The bands that played were huge Red Hot Chilli Pepper fans and played their songs all night, which I didn’t mind at all! The drinks were cheap too which is always a plus. The hotel we stayed in was gorgeous too, especially since we upgraded because we wanted the full “by the beach” experience.

Enjoying an ice cold beer in one of the many restaurants in Ao Nang.

Next stop, SINGAPORE.

Am I wrong about Ao Nang? Ever visited a place that’s been terribly over manufactured? I want to know, share, share, SHARE!


2 thoughts on “DAY 32: Stay anywhere but Ao Nang

  1. I’m sorry Krabi let you down. We were there a couple years ago and loved it. Maybe because we had just completed a two week hustle and bustle tour through northern Thailand, but we found the warm friendly people, slower pace and scenic beauty well worth our own week stopover.

    1. Hi! I’m glad you enjoyed Krabi. Like I said, I really loved the islands, just not Ao Nang itself. Perhaps you caught it at a good time when it wasn’t as busy & I’ve just been unlucky. I absolutely love Thailand and the people are nothing but friendly. I will definitely be going back as I fell in love with the islands 🙂

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