Singapore is an emerging market, an Asian tiger, the most expensive city to live in, the cleanest place ever, highly educated, humid and the list goes on. And, it’s where I was born and bred before moving to England.

I wear the Singaporean name like a badge of honour, I am so proud of it and will admit, feel a pinch of superiority knowing I am from this great city. That “welcome back home” message you get as you scan your passport through the Changi Airport gate gets me every time and I am a snotty mess by the time I leave the world’s best airport and breathe in Singapore filtered air. The city is fast paced and every time I visit, it would have advanced and changed so much I can barely recognise it (a little exaggerative, I admit).

So many things to do and people to see but so little time. Time is never on my side when I’m in Singapore, I only had ten nights here and had to squeeze in as much as possible.  My plans were to meet friends and family, spend time with my grandparents, show Ethan around the country and EAT EVERYTHING.

My posts on Singapore are going to be on very specific things, just because a lot of what we did involved spending time with friends and family, and why would you want to hear about that, eh?

P1030817 2
With one of my oldest friends, Petrina ❤
P1030823 2
Ethan & his free candy floss at one of Singapore’s many road shows.

The next few posts will be about the Ritz Carlton hotel (Singapore), Carousel restaurant at the Royal Plaza on Scotts Hotel, La Cantina in Changi Village Hotel, Little India, Chinatown…and lots more foodporn.


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