Carousel restaurant is located in Royal Plaza Hotel on Scotts, which is in the Orchard area – commonly known as Orchard Road.

Singapore is literally what it claims to be, a food paradise, and you will struggle to decide on where or what to start you culinary experience. We had already done the table-full spread of hawker food and just wanted to go somewhere a little fancier that offered a high-tea buffet. After a bit of research, I found that Carousel ticked all the boxes – local food and a touch of other Asian cuisines, in a swanky venue at the heart of Orchard.

Royal Plaza Hotel on Scotts

High-teas in Singapore are not the same as afternoon/high teas in England, they are fancier buffets of a wide variety of food, from starters to desserts, and usually found in upscale hotels. If you’re expecting your colonial British experience, head over to the Ritz Carlton and Raffles Hotel – both reviews available on this site!

Carousel buffet offers an array of local Singaporean cuisine such as Carrot Cake, Laksa, Chicken Rice, Yong Tau Fu, Beef Rendang and the rest of the popular choices. It also had an extensive seafood section, including oysters, which we didn’t get the enjoy fully purely because we’re not crazy about seafood (except prawns and salmon!).


Seafood selection at Carousel

The only issue I have with these buffets is that I can never get to try everything and no matter how much I try to plan out what I am going to try, I still feel like I have been filled up like a hot air balloon. If you’ve been to ANY buffet before, I am guessing you are probably nodding your head reading this statement. How does anyone manage to try it all? PLEASE TELL.

Back to Carousel, it’s been voted for many awards, and rightly so with the quality of ingredients and live cooks for you to watch your food get freshly cooked. The dessert area was a bit of a let down because there was no need for the generic cheesecake slice, fondue fountain and ice-cream selection which you can get at any buffet. I would suggest to skip this bit and head over to the Asian dessert area and sample them instead because your taste buds would never meet anything so sweet and delightful like a bowl of chendol (cold, creamy and sweet coconut soup is the best I can describe it to be)!

Overall, I would definitely recommend visiting Carousel, especially for those who do not want to venture into more local hawker centres (although I insist you need to visit them as they are the temples of food Gods). It’s also great for those who have something to celebrate and have already endured many a feast in local fare. You will still be able to find that great authentic taste of local cuisine here.

Another buffet that offers just purely local cuisine is the Straits Kitchen at the Grand Hyatt hotel which brings hawker food through the glitzy doors of the 5 star hotel. It’s been featured in Anthony Bourdain’s layover programme during his stopover in Singapore. I have yet to try it out and will definitely take Ethan there the next time we stop by!

Price at time of publishing:

High Tea: SG$42 ++ per head (Approx. £22 excluding tax & service charge)

So, where would you recommend to try out local Singapore fare outside of the hawker centres? Drop a comment below!



  1. Carousel was a good choice 😀 and you are spot on Straits Kitchen, I love the spread when I last visited. The other two that I know of (that are good) – Labyrinth at Esplanade and Wild Rocket @ Mount Emily (Top 50 Asia Restaurants). Saw that you visited Chinatown and Little India, you can take a walk around Haji Lane area too. Great food and cultures. Have fun in Singapore!

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