Day 34+: High Tea at The Ritz Carlton Singapore

If you are looking for an alternative to your typical Raffles Hotel High Tea in Singapore, you have come to the right place. In this post, I will show you why you ought to try out The Ritz’s High Tea instead.

For Brits, when you think Singapore, you think Raffles Hotel’s High Tea (or afternoon tea). As grand as it really is, the place is packed with people and you could loose that intimate experience you want from a high tea. Singaporeans love their High Teas but you never really see them at Raffles Hotel’s Tiffin Room. Instead, you find many a tourist, most probably Brits, feeling accomplished that they have now experienced Raffles Hotel.

If you have done this whole Shebang, I highly recommend trying out many of the other High Teas that Singapore has to offer. These are more frequented by Singaporeans and expats who are part of the culture of trying out as many restaurants as possible.

I always knew about the High Tea offered at The Ritz and this was my first time trying it out. It was as fancy as it sounds and each petite treat felt like eating little clouds of heaven.

P1030937 2

The High Tea is set at the huge foyer of The Ritz with wide spaces between each diner. Skipping the typical seats and table affair, you get to sit on cosy armchairs or couches for bigger parties.

The concept of this High Tea is through eight courses – but confuse this with a sampling menu because it is much smaller than that. We opted to have the champagne mimosa while snacking on their specially fried prawn crackers with Belachan. Posh prawn crackers, now that is a first!

Posh prawn crackers served with Belachan at The Ritz

One of the courses that stood out was the Salmon Wellington and it was the creamiest salmon that melted in your mouth. The pastry was crisp but thin to allow the salmon to stand out. I have not tasted anything like it since and would go back just for that course again.

P1030954 2.JPG
Salmon Wellington at The Ritz

The afternoon tea stand was also a prize winner. It was classic English with your sandwiches, petite sweet treats and scones. The rose macaroon was like a soft Bandung cake, sweet and truly rose unlike a Turkish Delight. There is not one detail I could fault apart from our greediness of wanting more.

You are then treated to another sweet trolley which is filled with different variations of chocolate cakes, Kueh Lapis and other Asian deserts. What’s even better? You can fill your boots. Thankfully, our eyes were not bigger than our bellies and we humbly chose what we really wanted to have.

Without a doubt, you do get more food from the High Tea at Raffles Hotel but High Teas are traditionally not meant to be buffets – Singaporeans just made it that way because they love food!

Don’t get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Raffles Hotel, but you cannot help but feel rushed when there is a long waiting list with waiters hovering to see if you are finished.

P1030980 2.JPG

If you are looking for somewhere that is more relaxed, intimate, quiet and upscale then you should definitely try out the High Tea at The Ritz. It definitely felt romantic and we embraced the opportunity to slow down and take it all in.

Here’s more pictures from our afternoon:

Lover of High Teas? Which one would you recommend in Singapore? I would love to hear.




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