Beijing Airport Hourly Hotel & Lounge – All you need to know

Beijing Capital International Airport is one stressful enviornment to be in. I have never been in a more unorganized and chaotic airport with no fixed system when it comes to transfers. One example, we just arrived after a ten-hour flight from Singapore and joined a queue just for transit passengers that lasted for 2 1/2 hours.

And no, this is not a one-off, it happens all the time apparently. To cause drama (unintentional or not), staff would take the back half of the queue to form a new one, allowing them to go in front of those who waited for hours on end. This is one of my many pet peeves, I am super defensive over my position in a queue. Sorry.

After getting our bags and passports checked for the hundredth time at the airport for unknown reasons, we dragged our legs in search for the mythical hourly hotel. It was so hard to find any information about it online and we assumed it would be cheaper than booking into the nearby Hilton.

I’m saying this because we soon learnt the hourly hotel would work out to be more expensive than pre-booking the Hilton.

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing to complain about the hotel. It’s just like any other hotel, quite comparable to the chain of Britannia hotels in England, dated and shabby but everything you would expect in a hotel.

So if you would still like more information on the hourly hotel, keep reading.

Here is a FAQ for easy reading, it’s based on questions people have asked us:

What is the hourly hotel in Beijing Airport called?

The BCAT business travellers’ hourly lounge and hotel. It’s easy to find with clear directions labelled as “hourly hotel”.

Which terminal is the hourly hotel located in Beijing Airport?

Terminal 3, there will be directions on how to get there from whichever terminal you land in.

What services do they provide at the hourly hotel?

You can opt to just use the business lounge which includes a buffet, hot drinks and WIFI. They offer shower rooms, printing services and other services at extra costs.

Can I use the shower room without paying for the lounge?

Showers cost 150 Yuan and you get an hour’s access to the lounge for free.

How much is the hourly hotel and lounge in Beijing Airport?

It depends on the room you want, if you want your own bathroom or don’t mind using the shared shower facility in the lounge and of course how big a room you want. Here is a photo of the price list:


If you find it difficult to see the pricing on the photo (I had to sneak a shot which is why it isn’t that clear), here it is in text:

Single room: 120 Yuan/hour or 720 Yuan all day

Double room: 180 Yuan/hour or 980 Yuan all day

Standard room: 220 Yuan/hour or 1180 Yuan all day

Deluxe Room: 280 Yuan/hour or 1600 all day

Meeting Room: 1500 Yuan/hour or 200 Yuan/ 3 hours per person

Shower: 150 Yuan per person (1 hour lounge access)

There is a minimum use of two hours. It doesn’t state anywhere in the pricing but only the Standard and Deluxe hourly hotel rooms have their own en-suite bathrooms (bathtub & shower). The Single Room & Double Room do not have their own en-suites so you will have to use the lounge’s private shower facility.

Do I get lounge access at the hourly hotel?

No you don’t unfortunately. You will have to pay for that separately. You do get WIFI though and a cheap enough room service.

Can I leave the airport during my transit to stay in a different hotel?

If you have a long layover, you are allowed to apply for a 72-hour visa to leave the airport and stay in its vicinity. It’s really simple as you can just apply for it in the transfers area. IMHO, Booking a nice hotel in the airport area would be your best bet compared to the hourly hotel.

Is it cheaper to stay in the hourly hotel compared to airport hotels in Beijing?

In our experience, no it is not cheaper. You can book a good 4-star hotel in the airport’s vicnity for much less when you organise it in advance. Just make sure to ensure you apply for the 72-hour visa when you arrive at Transfers.

Well, that’s all the FAQ so far, feel free to ask any questions through the comments. Also, if you have experienced Beijing Airport, I would love to know what you think so do let me know through the comments.

Lastly, here are some pictures we sneaked of the hourly hotel and lounge at Beijing Capital International Airport.



One thought on “Beijing Airport Hourly Hotel & Lounge – All you need to know

  1. Thank you for the information about the hourly hotel! I am just spending time at this “charming” airport and must probably take a room till my flight is up, because it’s so freezing cold! Duty free shop staff is working in wintercoats, and I am coming from Indonesia.. Finding your info was helpful and comforting. Cheers Eli

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