About Kitty Cat




I’m Catherine Chris and this is my tiny little space of the internet. I am a Singaporean who is a Yorkshire lass at heart. While millennials in the UK are finding themselves in my side of the world (South East Asia), I found myself in little old Doncaster, the homeliest town of the UK.

On paper, and by that I mean my CV, I am fully qualified to run this page – not that I need to justify a reason for yet another lifestyle blog (although I just did, DAMNIT).

After completing my journalism degree, I was not ready for the working world and bills, so I thought I’d hold it out as a student for a little longer by moving on to a Master degree in journalism. Battling through some illnesses and having had fun on spontaneous travels, I am now in a bit of a rut as to what to do with this qualification now I’ve graduated.

Oh! I also have barrels of work experience & internships in some of the biggest names in the magazine industry with their fashion & beauty teams.

Currently, I’m trying my hardest to work on running my own high end fashion consignment business (#Girlboss – YAASSS) so this blog is to exploit my education & experience in the magazine industry thus far. That student debt needs to be put to good use somehow amiright?

I’m relatable as can be to anybody, but as a brown girl, I feel like my colour is really under represented anyway, so I hope my two pence worth of opinions will be beneficial to those reading this who are of the same colour and/or background as me.

YouTube has been my dream working space for a decade now, so I’ll make do with the blog to colour in that void…for now. Watch this space.

Follow me on social media:

@itscatchris – Instagram, Twitter & Snapchat


Contact: annecatherinechris@gmail.com



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